Revealed the Enigma of the Beings of Light

In the texts and legends of the big known religions the expression "Beings of Light" is used to describe the luminous entities, which lots of seers described having seen, trough all times. These entities have been interpreted as Angels, Gods, Demiurges... all of them being just this: Interpretations.

The Beings of Light that made this visits to those so called seers and prophets are the same that manifest themselves in the present. For the first time in history of mankind they let themselves be seen, in this graphic document that we offer, so that the great public can get a notion/glimpse/impression/idea of the Light and can access, if so it chooses, to this other Great Reality that they show us and that waits for us, just one step further.

That fore, we familiarised with these Beings of Light that are it, precisely, because they are totally identified with the energy. Not so with the material (and one part of us is energetic although it may be invisible). This allows them to travel voluntary with their Thought-Energy and to adopt, if they want so, every form, in every place and in any moment.

What could all this mean?

The photographic documents that are shown in the following contain information about the provenience of this Beings of Light, beside other information and methodologies that seem to be almost unexplainable to us in a short way. But there they are for everybody. For those who like to contemplate them in their study. They also invite us to see further than this world we know and to direct our attention to more elevated and sublime dimensions.

seres_de_luz_1 seres_de_luz_2

The Beings of Light are created by other Beings of Light in a descendent creation order. Everything originates in the Maximum Energy, the Fount of Light from which emanate, only, twelve much Superior Energies that Create and Direct each one of the twelve Cosmic Nations existing in all the Universe. These Energies, that we denominate Elyon or Heliohim (in Hebrew Elohim, expression used in the Bible to call the "Gods"), create directly a determinate number of Beings of Light, concretely 336 Energies, that are, also, Creators.

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In the most elevated fields of vibration, non dimensional, there are the 12 Solar Geniuses. They are Beings of Purest Light, that, just as well, create other beings of XII. Dimension and are the agents of the Superior Sideral Organization (SSO). One of those Solar Geniuses exercises the Power in our Cosmic Nation and specificly in our Galaxy, it is coordinating, as well, the missions related to the Plan of Evacuation. This Being of Light of Highest Vibration, which we refer to, manifested itself to us for the firste time in the year 1977. Afterwards we started collecting information and fotografic documentation about other Solar Geniuses. One of THEM regulates the Cosmic Law of Spirituality. Others the Energy-Particles, the Cosmic Justice, the Cities of Light, the Spiritual Colonies...

THEY, with their Luminosity, are the Highest responsible to guarantee the realisation of all the Programs of our Cosmic Nation for all its Galaxies, planets and correspondent Dimensions.

seres_de_luz_11 seres_de_luz_12 seres_de_luz_13

Between the created of the Solar Geniuses there are the Sideral Technicians. They are Beings of Light of XII Dimension whose unique mission is the creation and design of the genetic codes that are being implanted in our "material box" for the development and evolution of the Energies. On occasion they can be observed on the fotographs "working" with a kind of energetic very luminous "mitten", while they repose above something similar to a belt. Other Beings of Light, also from XII Dimension, created by Solar Geniuses, direct or guide some of the denominated Spiritual Colonies.

seres_de_luz_9 seres_de_luz_10 seres_de_luz_31

The following Beings of Light that a Heliohim creates are the so called Alate Beings, alsotwelve. These Luminous Beings of High Vibration that belong to a non dimensional field, like the Solar Geniuses, are the agents of the Superior Sideral Direction (SSD), and are responsable, among other things, to control and guide the Energies created by the Solar Geniuses. One of these Beings is the agent/appointee to direct and control the four elements of nature on our planet Earth.


seres_de_luz_14 seres_de_luz_15 seres_de_luz_16 seres_de_luz_17 seres_de_luz_18 seres_de_luz_19 seres_de_luz_20 seres_de_luz_21 seres_de_luz_22 seres_de_luz_23

Now then in the field of the dimensions, each Heliohim creates 24 pairs that form the Council of the 24 and 288 Energies more to control the 12 dimensional levels of the 24 galaxies, which form each one of the Cosmic Nations existing in the Universe.

As an indication we tell you that if you add up the 24 pairs, which are 48 Energies, of the Council of the 24 with the 288 together with the 12 Solar Genius and the 12 Winged/Alated Beings, it's a total of 336 Energies or Beings of Light and that's the only thing that each Heliohim creates.

Each Council of the 24 is created in XII Dimension by his respective Heliohim. As we already said before, it is formed of 24 Pairs and each one of them directs one of the 24 Galaxies which form one Cosmic Nation. All the information that is received on all the planets about the Knowledge and the Elevation of the Energies is supervised by this Council.

These Beings of Light take charge of letting arrive the information that necessitate, for example, the persons and Energies that collaborate with THEM on this planet supporting its evolution. Lots of these Beings, we think, are acting directly on this planet helping in his step to IV Dimension and reaching us, even, from other Galaxies (regarding that a Galaxy, as we explain in our books, is not what normally is thought here).

For what we have understood, during this time, we see ourselves animated to thank THEM for everything. For having us facilitated all this information since more than thirty years. For giving us the privilege of seeing THEM and for allowing us that they engraved/recorded on our cameras, sometimes, as splendorous/bright symbols of gold. But, above all, because the Luminous Beings of the Council of the 24 have transmitted and proclaimed the Planetary Hope through all the Universes.

seres_de_luz_24 seres_de_luz_25 seres_de_luz_27 seres_de_luz_28 seres_de_luz_29

When the massive presence of these Beings of Light takes place/appears there is always something happening. They announce a deep change in our tumbling Civilisation and they do it, always, alerting it with their lights and messages of hope.

Open the eyes of your mind and let them accompany you. Listen to what your interior tells you and your intimate connexion with the eternal. These photos, entire/integrity documents without altering or manipulating, are not only images of light, produced by the movement of the camera like many think, but they are real doors that are able to extend the vision to other worlds and realities. Reflect, read much and enjoy. Now you can contemplate these new dimensions that wait for us close to those Masters of Thought/Thinking that are the Beings of Light.


We insist, the presence of these Beings of Light appears because many persons on this planet are capturing these Beings with their digital photographic cameras, without knowing what they are watching on those photos (and it's not a trick) and from whom lots of different interpretations can be made. Our opponents believe that they are moved photos, but THEY know to whom they record their Energies, reconfirming so the 1st COSMIC LAW that says "THE LIGHT ATRACTS THE LIGHT AND THE ENERGIES ATRACT THE ENERGIES":

Think a bit about the exposed and question/ask yourself: Does this 1st Cosmic Law has anything to do with the Commandments of the Bible?

We will just give you a little hint/tip, telling you that in the epoch/era of Moses as in the actuality the interlocutors were the same, that's why we would like to close this presentation corroborating the phrase already written and told by Beings of Light that came down in other eras and civilisations: "At the end of times all the great secrets will be revealed". And this document with its photos is one of those Great Secrets.